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Jessica Marie Stroede



I have been making jewelry since I was a fourth grader selling bracelets to my classmates during recess.  I was originally fascinated with beading but quickly wanted to get my hands on other materials as well. I always wanted to make everything from hand.  Even at a young age, purchasing something to use as part of my jewelry felt wrong, like I was cheating.  I finally got the chance to learn how to work with metal when I chose to study Metals and Jewelry Smithing at Bowling Green State University.


While in school, I actually became increasingly interested in using found objects in my work, particularly plastic objects that would normally be thrown away after minimal use, like milk jug lids and toothbrush heads.  I've enjoyed this direction because it allows me to problem solve on two levels: salvaging what would otherwise be considered waste or be thrown into a landfill and by making the mechanisms and connections to house these found objects.  The found objects that I tend to gravitate toward are often comprised of very simple shapes, this creates a very minimal and modern aesthetic. My inspiration often comes from organic forms in nature and from modern architecture.


Besides jewelry making, I have always had an interest in other creative arts.  I have enjoyed community theater, singing and dancing nearly my whole life.  My craft also extends to knitting and sewing, these skills from my yesteryears still find a home in my work today. Nearer the present, my interest in computers has also brought me to laser cutting, 3D printing and design using Illustrator and Rhino.


I’m looking forward to what the future has in store for me. Not sure what exactly yet, I kind of want to try my hand at app design… those pesky computers reeling me in.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Keep you posted!

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