Expension Transended

"Expension" Transcended is a series of works that deals with the struggle to embrace the bad with the good and to always make the most of every situation.  What would otherwise be thrown away and forgotten is given new life, showing there is always hope to make a change for the better. 


These works not only deal with the transformation of the tired and used into the new and refreshed, many of these pieces also deal with the two facedness of what we keep to ourselves versus what we project to the world.  The bright exterior and tumultuous interior of pieces like "Disingenuous" highlight this in-between.


Whether we like it or not, we each come with some baggage, but if we can find the good in the situation, some of that baggage can be transformed into a greater opportunity.  This reflection allows us to transform our greatest insecurities into our greatest strengths, allowing the forgotten and worn out to transcend their perceived “expension” and take on new life.

Daelsdrom (detail)
Eustachian (detail)
Malaise Back
Looking Through
Looking Through Back
Disingenuous Back
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