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Past Exhibitions

Ohio Designer Craftsman: "Best of 2015"

April 2015 - October 2015

"Immersion Born Muse" and "Disingenuous" have been chosen for the Ohio Designer Craftsmen "Best of 2015" Exhibition at the Ohio Crafts Museum

BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition

March 22 - April 4, 2015

My body of work, based on bringing new life to the worn out and used up, has been accepted into the BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition Show.  

The opening reception is March 21st at 7PM at the BGSU School of Art.

Changing Hues: Color Embraced by Metalsmiths Around the World

March 2, 2014

My pieces, "Loofah Flora", "Tactual Window Boxes" & "Allium Accord" are among the pieces chosen for Ganoksin's online, international exhibition "Changing Hues." 

Click the links to view the show and learn more.

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